I'm Jessa.



Charmingly charismatic, timelessly beautiful, razor sharp, and unashamedly decadent. In a past life, the latter was a shortcoming which routinely got me in trouble. But now, ‘unashamedly decadent’ is my living. Had I known then what I know now, I would have called it not a shortcoming, but an attribute. Better yet, my calling. I won’t mince words: I love the finer things in life. My tastes are that of luxury and sophistication, and I find a deep satisfaction in the artistry of exquisite food, surroundings and art.

I embody the classic English Rose with an alternative twist. I am an adventurer at heart - just as at home at the ballet as I am travelling remote regions of the world. I am often told that I carry an old head on young shoulders. My introverted self desires to curl up one-on-one with you and discuss our favourite literature, my extroverted self conversely desiring for you to take me out dancing so that we can lock eyes in a loud, crowded room. I am a paradoxical being, with the one consistent thread tying my many contradictions together being the pursuit of pleasure and connection. My life experience has been unconventional and as a result, as am I. Seeing as you are here, I have no doubt that you are, too.

Perhaps the greatest compliment a client has given me is that I could be regarded a modern day Helen of Troy: graceful, beautiful, simultaneously strong and ethereal. My pillowy lips, high cheekbones and hazel eyes are often referred to as smoulderingly cat-like. I can often be found with my head in a book, in-between lustful day-dreamings, and adore a good political back and forth. Travel, nerd-centric media and eating decadent food are some of my favourite past times.



In light of my proclivities, my career as a professional companion was perhaps inevitable - a way of living that allows me to embody my free spirit and sexuality, both in my home city of London and world-wide. I find the greatest satisfaction in forging authentic connections with my clients, utilising the healing, sensual and revitalising powers of sexuality to ensure that our time together is completely immersive. I have been described as a true Epicurean. As an intuitive lover. My play style is connective and sensuous and my communication style is captivating and conscientious, whether at dinner or between sheets. Whatever the setting, when we’re together you are the only person in the room that I see.


Akin to a rare gem, there are things about me that you will not find elsewhere. A past life saw me training in both art and philosophy. I have extensive experience in performance art. My studies saw me researching my lifelong fascination - human relationships. If there was any doubt in your mind that I am the real deal, the evidence of my obsession with delectation is longstanding and widespread. Should your journey of the same kind collide with mine, the territories we shall traverse together will be boundlessly fun, and unendingly memorable. Almost certainly, you are seeking a partner who wastes no time or energy in feigning interests or constructing caricatures of a courtesan; you are looking for the real deal. If this sounds like you, I am waiting.




I am best described as a nomadic companion. A worldly lover. An expert in the sensual who is also a hopeless romantic. A polyamorous purveyor of adventure. Below you can find doorways to the beginning of our journey together. While you may already have a clear vision of why you are here, inspiration for a more finely curated encounter between us may be found in browsing all of the experiences I love to explore with like-minded men. Have you ever wanted to experience your travels with someone who is just as comfortable jet-setting and island hopping as you are? Ever contemplated experimenting with kink, be it domination and submission? Have you been thinking of a very specific roleplay you've never tried out, or do you even want to collaborate with a like-minded reprobate on a script for you dream scenario?  Let's talk - no one experience is one-size-fits-all, and my approach to intimacy is far from prescriptive.



What better prelude to physical intimacy than psychological intimacy? Conversation is an essential component to authenticity - with these dates we have the time to really get to know each other. And of course, kinky ideas are more than welcome for inclusion.

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My travelling feet were seasoned from young and so even now, in my twenties, I have a perpetual adventure itch that fails to be truly and finally scratched. Do rolling sands await us? Or snowy mountains and cozy fires? A whisked-away weekend or a week away in paradise? Let's explore new lands - together.

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Luckily for you, my interest in women runs as deep as my interest in men. I have a plethora of stunning, charming, innately deviant friends who would love to join us in our debaunchery. A threesome? A foursome? All of us? The opportunities are untold with the myriad dynamics each of my beautiful friends can bring to our tryst.

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Fancy making use of my voracious appetite for decadence? Fantasising about something a little (or a lot) more taboo than the average tryst? Maybe you've seen something so perverse on-screen, you want to try it out for real. Endless pleasure, non-stop dirty-talk: the ultimate PSE.

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This is your opportunity to really take control: as a professional submissive, you can rest assured that I am the most willing of subjects. Being well versed in discourses of consent means that once prior negotiation is confirmed, we can explore power dynamics together. I especially adore psychological submission.

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Wanting to let go completely? Have the desire for ultimate surrender? As a pro switch I have the privilege of understanding both the dominant's and submissive's mindsets: because I, too, enjoy time in complete devotion, I understand what it is you also most need and desire. From the sensual to the niche, let me take the reigns.

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And so it begins: my foray into providing you a little further insight into the inner workings of Jessa...