Welcome to The Jessa Jones!

Bali, you capture my heart every year.

Bali, you capture my heart every year.

This welcome is somewhat delayed. Ever terrible at taking time off (what is time off even), I finally managed to force myself into a holiday. For a month. I've returned to Rainy Fascist Island feeling rusty with technology, ruffled by the fast pace of the concrete jungle, and most importantly and painfully, fucking cold. So here's a brief, official hello on my return to London. Back to the realms of escort twitter, exploring the unknown pleasures of BDSM, playing with power and transitioning from street food and sliders to high-class cuisine and stilettos. It could be worse, tbh.

Being the neurotic millennial that I am, change does not come easy for me. And yet, here we are, with an entire restructuring of my website and work style. It was without a doubt time that it had a facelift. What first came into fruition during a week in The Lake District a year ago - a scrambled together, insecure first foray into a vague notion of website design, is now something sleeker, more efficient, and hopefully, far more representative of the me that some of you may already know, and some of you may be hoping to get to know.

So, please, enjoy the plethora of new photos that the immeasurably talented Duke took of me in one of my favourite London spots for hedonism. Enjoy the films he also created. Enjoy a more tailored and personalised experience. Essentially, enjoy a site that is less a hurried shovelling of information into my little space online, and more a feast for the eyes - a pre-indulgence, if you will. Pre-real world, real exploration, real Jessa indulgence...

Now, how do I even wear high heels, again?