Thelma & Louise, but make it Kink

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When your job takes you to places you have always dreamt of going, you have to pinch yourself. When your job does just that, but alongside one of your favourite people and play partners, you can just get her to pinch you instead. Even better.

On an extended series of escapades recently, Valerie and I had the trip of a lifetime. It was full of incredible vegan food, vistas that took our breath away, unforgettably astounding sex and the opportunity to make some dreams come true. For Valerie, some of the creative opportunities to shoot were unparalleled. For me, the opportunity of renting a giant convertible muscle car took precedence. I'm a petrol head and I love classic cars. I also don't need to tell you by now that I'm most at home in nature. Two of my greatest loves combined on the tale end of our trip, and we quite literally drove off into the sunset. A real life, tattooed, slightly more sexually liberated Thelma & Louise. 

Valerie isn't one of my favourite photographers just because she's my friend (biased?! me?!) Her talent is honed by true professionalism and a love of her craft. She shoots the individual, rather than trying to force the model into a box, a carbon cut out of what sexy should be. You can find her personal photography work under the monicker Lupa V, here, but only check it out if you're prepared to get lost in it for a while. Her handle is @lupavaux on IG, if that's also your thing, and a compilation of our shoots from the road are now up in my photo gallery. In this selection are some of the best photos I've ever had taken of me.

Waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise wasn't a task - it was a dream. The surreal stillness of the desert, so far from cityscapes of traffic and noise pollution, felt like we were frozen in time and space. We shot raw, with no makeup on our faces and no clothes on our backs. We shot glammed up to the max in ball gowns and lipstick. Watching Valerie work was, as ever, inspiring. Having my photo taken isn't my favourite thing, usually. I'm human and, in-spite of the glossy exterior, I also have my insecurities. In only the way she can, Valerie had me feeling more liberated and at ease in front of the camera than ever. We lapped up the endless creative energy of our surroundings, inspired by the sheer grandiosity and beauty of the rolling desert. We got our Chrysler stuck in sand and had to get it towed. We blared music out, singing at the top of our lungs on endless highways. We sat by the pool at the end of our journey in sun-kissed bliss, dipping our toes in the water.

Our destination was far more glamorous than the rough and ready journey it took to get there. And yet, we relished every second of it. Women who can do both? That's us.




Jessa Jones