A Hello


And so it begins: my foray into providing you a little further insight into the inner workings of Jessa. I’ve put off writing a blog for some time now. Not for lack of ideas. Far from it - I often have urges to write in depth about myriad aspects of sexuality, kink and the often surreal (always exhilarating) life of professional companionship.


No, it’s not lack of potential content, so much as being overwhelmed by the plethora of areas to explore and discover in this odd world of decadence you and I inhabit from time to time. So, it feels appropriate that my first blog post be a brief musing on this - the ways in which for us hedonists may at times feel that there is just far too much to try, and far too little time - as well as a formal hello from me! 


Becoming an escort has been the single most constructive aid in the development of my kinkier proclivities. I do remember a time before, specifically, a time in my teenage years, in which the sheer multitude of possibilities that were revealed to me post-sexual awakening (ah, this is definitely one for a later post...) had me so wound up that I rushed to try it all, as soon as humanly possibly. Needless to say, less than satisfactory encounters ensued. I don’t doubt for a second that at least one person reading this is having flashbacks to horror stories of their own - teenage fumbling and clumsy hands galore. Blurred boundaries, uneducated notions of what certain kinks ‘should’ look or feel like, and incompatible partners. The list goes on, but suffice to say, these issues have already been virtually erased over the short course of my career as a sex worker. Wants, needs, boundaries and even constructive criticism or feedback swiftly became the foundations of what I do - whether that was for the time spent in dungeons or in restaurants. Communication and education became key to every aspect of being an escort.


The reason I say all this, is that these core elements to my approach to intimate encounters with my clients are the reasons I am no longer overwhelmed by my, or others, lists of to-do’s or desires. With planning and open dialogue, we collaborate to ensure that logistics are handled professionally and clearly. Logistics out of the way, complete immersion is possible. The typical stresses and responsibilities of our day-to-day life styles can take a back seat for once. We work together to explore our connection and kinks with the basal essentials of knowledge, empathy and negotiation. It’s efficient, it’s transparent - really, it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.


So, there’s my brief pondering on the ways that professional companionship creates the perfect setting to look deeper into our sexual selves. I’ll be back with another post very soon - you can expect not only new photographs of me to surface shortly, but even videos. Obviously I’m biased, but I think I’m far better experienced in the flesh, and what nicer way to get a little closer to that over the internet than with a beautifully shot film? I also have some ideas for a series of posts on finding sensuality and sexuality in unexpected places… so watch this space!


In the meantime, if you’re enticed by the idea of exploration don’t hesitate to get in touch. Much like me, these practices of boundaries and communication are far better experienced in the flesh…


Jessa Jones