Hedonist's Winter


Is it just me, or does this time of year really get us all in the mood?



I know summer is often cited as the horniest of seasons - sweat, less clothes, suntans and holidays, all conducive to a more free-spirited and frivolous approach to courting. For me however, there's something about the turn in season to this chilly, crisp yet still blue, nearly festive time of year. Something about layers upon layers of clothing meant to keep in the warm, tempting me to find my way in. The art of the winter tease, so to speak. There's not quite anything like undressing a man suited and booted, plus waistcoat, plus jumper, plus overcoat. Piece by piece, as we slowly unwrap each other to provide a different sort of warmth.

This is the thing - Winter often reminds me of just how sensual touch can be, and how different sensations remind me of this. Pulling things out of my wardrobe, I rediscover the joy of leather pants, full body lace lingerie, corsets and latex. The latter especially having been pivotal in reshaping what I notice to be erotic about both my own form and others. Perhaps a favourite and very personal form of self-teasing is heading out into blistery London winds in an ankle length Winter coat, Chelsea boots, roll neck jumper - and then underneath, layers of cheeky latex lingerie, underneath another layer of silk blouse, underneath another layer of soft cashmere. There is something so overtly sexual and powerful in seeming so unassuming to the naked eye, while underneath, only I know the delicacy and sensuality of what adorns my skin.

In discussing sensual domination with a client the other day, we recounted our joy at just how sensitive the body is to touch and material when deprived of other senses. Blind folded, he was able to feel both pain wheels and tiny flogger tassels before they even touched his skin. Vibrations from my beloved Doxy became somewhat tantric in nature, with vibrations travelling through air even without the toy making contact with his body. This heightened awareness can be transcendental. 

Near enough, anyway. I'm not quite on the verge of orgasm when I leave the house, tantalisingly layered up. Rather, Winter tends to come when I reach my destination.

And while I'm here - keep your eyes peeled for details of an upcoming trip to New York, in December. Apparently I didn't think it was cold enough here - so NYC based lovers and gentlemen, get in touch. 

And yes, that was a terrible GoT pun.


“What was the point in satin and lace if it didn't make a man struggle to speak?” 

Jessa Jones