The Immersion of Travel

My name's Jessa, and I'm a Sagittarius. Yeah, I know you're rolling your eyes already, but stay with me. I'd describe myself as Textbook Sag. I grew up obsessed with nature, Attenborough, the wild, animals, far away lands. I've always been an outdoors girl, a city dweller who lusts for green spaces and above all has an affinity for mountains that boarders on spiritual (you should probably have guessed this was going to be a little woo-woo from the moment I referenced astrology, a completely legitimate scientific field) (If you know me, you'll know about my dedication to sarcasm) 

But, jokes aside, wanderlust has been the single most consistent theme of who I feel I am, my whole life. Growing up with so many dreams of places I longed to go and undiscovered territories that my feet ached to touch, travel was never a financially viable option for a broke, unsure, teenage Jessa. My first ever solo, month long trip was to the Nepali Himalaya. The result of months of stowing away cash from a minimum wage job, It was the single toughest thing I had achieved in my life up until that point. Physically gruelling, I gained injuries, suffered acute mountain sickness, nearly bailed on the unending trail multiple time, and forgot what it felt like to have functionally pain-free knees. I traversed landscapes of desert, snow, lush rainforest and dense cities, with my life in a backpack. It was a far less luxurious experience when compared to those which I am now lucky enough to revel in. I certainly wasn't anyone's holiday girlfriend - especially nobody's holiday pornstar...


Every now and then, I cross paths with people who feel like kindred spirits - who have this childish sense of wonder and awe at the world, a need to explore it relentlessly. And one of the most fulfilling things about the world of a fly-me-to-you escort is finding these people in it. Sitting on a plane knowing that I'm being flown to the arms of another like-minded, fervently intrepid person, is one of life's most unexpectedly carnal things. Gazing out the window, music in my ears, knowing what awaits me on the other side of whichever border it is this time. It's hot. Really fucking hot. The unknown pleasures of both travel and sexuality blended together become inextricably intoxicating. I step off that plane, that train, that boat, ravenous for experience.

Being a travel companion comes not just from this sense of glamour and sexual voracity: It's inherently tied to a sense of adventure and a thirst for knowledge. The more places I go, the more people I meet, the more I realise my smallness, my place in the world. The more I travel, the more I thirst for these adventures: the sheer bliss of such presence, such awareness of the given moment, minute to minute, second to second. And then, of course, the best part of this such meticulous yet so natural attention to the present, is the powerful eroticism that comes with it.

The sex I've had while travelling, while away from the unyielding pace of London city, returns to me most often when I masturbate. The memories I have of just how much my inhibitions and my stresses tumble away are permanently libidinous. Revisiting these memories is the ultimate aphrodisiac - a suite in Paris, after a show in a Southern State, on boats between Islands. These are unforgettable moments of unbridled and unabashed release, shared with men who suffer this terrible affliction of wanderlust, just as much as I do. 

I've been looking over my schedule as it currently stands for 2018, feeling intense gratitude and anticipation. 2017 ended with some of the most extraordinary adventures with both clients and colleagues, and on this grey, cold, somewhat miserable London day, revisiting those getaways gets me warm. Very, very warm.

If we've not made plans yet for this year, my schedule tends to be tight. Advanced notice is welcome, but as a self-identified spontaneity addict, and especially if we are already acquainted, do feel free to enquire at short notice. If you're not such a travel junkie, you can always live vicariously through me on my Twitter. And my Instagram. And my galleries

And in the meantime - I have some bags to pack.





Jessa Jones