firstly want to express how honoured I am to be part of some of your most private desires. Domination runs in my blood. Just as my love for art or music is so intrinsically part of who I am, kink always has been also. It’s far more than some sort of sexual transaction, rather, an exchange of an exploration of power which can be expressed in a multitude of ways.

The psychological connection underpins everything I enjoy when playing, and domination dates take place under the mutual understanding that there is nothing too taboo, nothing too unconventional to explore. While we may see BDSM publicly as 50 Shades and whips and chains, you and I are privy to the private knowledge that true kink can be effective with no tools whatsoever. That said, tools are a whole lot of fun…

With many years of kink exploration on my CV, I can safely say that there are very few areas I’m yet to explore - both of my own desires and my lovers. I would say that in arranging a domination date, the best way to go about it is to not concern yourself too much with sounding ‘professional’ - there are no requirements to be well versed in terminology and lingo. Though should you be as keenly familiar with such decadences as I am, I’m all ears. From ropes, shibari and tying, to elaborate fantasies and role-play we are free to explore. Some things I especially love are sensory play and deprivation, service submission, domestic duties, orgasm denile, pampering, pet play, collaring, impact play and wax play - but the list is far too long to go on with here, and these don’t even begin to encapsulate the complexity of what gets me off when dominating.

Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to try, I want to try it with you. And of course, a submissives role isn’t always sexual: service submission is something I relish, and whether your interests are in domestic duties, financial contribution, or pampering, I enjoy dominating in any way it comes.

I would best describe my style as a mistress as sensual and passionate - being easily able to switch between a cruel goddess and a loving teacher. Whatever it is that you most need and desire, I gain deep satisfaction from curating the experience that YOU need.

As with any responsible kink practitioner, I base all of my interactions on consent, communication, and the building of trust between us. Having a little think about your limits and safe words before we meet is something I strongly advise. In addition to this, a chat over the phone during which we can run through how you’d like our date to go, your likes and dislikes, what’s on your sexual bucket list, is one of the best ways to get us acquainted. And of course, kink isn’t always sexual: nothing at all is stopping us for still enjoying a show and some dinner together, whether or not our boudoir dynamic continues into our social interactions.