D O M I N A T I O N 

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My desire to feel powerful in a more overt fashion was something which developed organically as I entered my twenties. As a Switch I have the privilege of truly understanding the mindset of a submissive. Thus, learning what makes you tick as my willing subject is my key objective. As a mistress who understands the need to devote yourself entirely to the right dominant, I understand exactly what it is that you need and desire. In dominating you, it is essential that you place your trust in me to take into my own hands your needs. I am firm but sensual. Commanding but communicative. The extent of my harshness ranges from gentle and affectionate dominattion,, to walking out of your hotel room door, immaculate, while you are left humiliated.  Ever wanted to experience watersports with an unattainably beautiful mistress? To be humiliated by an picturesque beauty? Hold the desire to shower a blonde princess who knows how undeserving you are of her with gifts and donations?  Strap on play, intimate worship. CBT, CP, breath play, cuckholding - the wealth of experimentation is extensive.



Take a walk on the wild side...