Hello, I’m Jessa.

As I approach you at our dining table the first thing you notice about me is my eyes. They’re hazel, changing in the light from brown to green and everything in between. You’ll notice a cool elegance, a relaxed demeanour that permeates the room. I’ve always been comfortable in social situations, with a quiet self-assuredness at my core. You’ll notice that I have an appreciation of the aesthete, an eye for style which compliments this self assured manner. You’ll notice that I smile - a lot - and that my smile is genuine. It emanates a sense of self confidence that only a woman who truly knows herself can embody.

I found myself here, sitting with you, after years of searching for fulfilment and never quite finding it. I relished in the process of achieving a first class degree and being offered some opportunity-of-a-lifetime masters degrees, but I knew I wanted more. I knew I wasn’t satisfied. I realised how fulfilling the moments I shared with people could be, and that these small moments between two people are what create true intimacy. It seemed so plain to me: these snapshots of authentic connection are what lay the foundation for enduring affinity. It’s a much longer story, one full of incredible happenings. It’s a story best saved for when we meet. But let’s just say that my passion needed a channel. I found that channel, and I never looked back.

I value being present and truly here - wherever I am. Where we are is a place where anything can happen. In each other’s company is where we can be our truest selves. My studies had me immersed in philosophy and film. My travels have seen me soaking in culture and unforgettable panoramas across Europe and Asia alike. Living in these places has been essential in efforts to satiate my wanderlust. Just as much as I savour slinking into airplane seats, I love curling up on the couch with a book and a glass of something cold. I’m besotted with the artistry of exquisite food, architecture, art, my attentions loving to focus on the seemingly trivial details that constitute the whole. Just like my interests in culture and all that makes it what it is, my interests in you are the many, many pieces that constitute the whole. Compliments I’ve received over the years paint a portrait of a woman who is gracefully charismatic, timelessly beautiful and razor sharp. I remember being called a “modern day Helen of Troy” and my response being an uncontrollable giggle (much as I love a compliment, even that one tickled me). In spite of my English Rose persona, I’m a bookworm deep down.


In my opinion, true class endures. If chivalry is regarded as old hat, I’m glad to be passé, and having an old head on young shoulders is something I’ve learned to see as an attribute. Before I found this life and my peers, feeling like an outlier in my ideals felt isolating. Now I see that, rather, it’s a blessing - something that brings us all together in our disruptions of the norm, as people who forge their own paths rather than following the crowds. Just as with my own sense of self, I value the man who knows himself. Someone who navigates his world with that same integrity, that same commitment to his own passions. The man who knows that true confidence communicates as a whisper, not a shout. With no time for posturing or masquerading, he doesn’t just follow trends, but decides his own. Should your own path collide with mine, the territories we shall traverse together will be boundless. Perhaps you’re seeking a partner who wastes no time or energy in constructing a caricature of a woman - perhaps you are looking for truth, for the unfeigned and absolute.

The waiter pushes my chair in and lays down the serviette on my lap. We’ve not broken eye contact this entire time. You breathe deep, inhaling the sweetness of my perfume. I do the same, taking in your scent, your face, your energy. My smile remains unwavering. Intoxicated with each other, and forgetting for a moment our awareness of everything outside of us, we connect. We know that this is exactly where we’re meant to be.