Rate Guidelines


Due to the extensive and specific services provided in professional companionship and BDSM, my rates are bespoke based on the specific client enquiry. My minimum date duration is 90 minutes, with a preference for at least 2 hours so as to establish atmosphere, boundaries and for a little chit chat of sorts.

Travel rates are equally tailored, beginning at a minimum date time of 24 hours.

For the most accurate quote, get in touch via the contact form under Book, and include as much information as possible for our prospective time together. 


Deposits & Canellations


For dates for which I must book an incall space for us, I ask that the room fee is covered by you, in advance, via bank transfer. I request a booking deposit of 20% prior to meeting. In the event of cancellation on your behalf, the deposit can be allocated to a new date within the next month, or on your next scheduled return to the country.

For travel dates, both the cost of flights will be settled prior to meeting as well as a 50% - 100% deposit. This can be arranged via bank transfer or in person.

In case of cancellations with no re-arrangement, the cancellation fee is 75% of the total fee. In the case of exceptional circumstances this may be wavered.

In case of cancellation within 72 hours of our date without re-scheduling, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total fee.

Should any cancellation fee not be honoured, you shall be noted as a blacklisted client.

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