So, we now have a date in the diary to get very, very excited about...


This page has been shared with you in confidence. Now that we can look forward to some time together, I feel it essential to fill you in on a little more about both me, and  about our date.


Basic Ettiquette


If you are new to the world of professional companions this information will be especially useful to you. If you are well versed in our world, this list will probably be just what you're used to, but do have a scan, just in case:

  • Be you! I can't stress enough how important it is to just take a breath and relax, if you're nervous before a first date. I'll only be biting you if you've asked me to.
  • While I'm partial to designer items, there is no need whatsoever for you to be dressed to the nines. If you smell good and wear a smile, you've already discovered one of my kinks.
  • Unless specified otherwise, do have the fee ready in an envelope, left in obvious sight, with my name on it. If we are meeting in public, a small gift in a bag is an easy way of being discreet. To avoid any awkwardness this should be handled in the first 10 minutes of us meeting.
  • Gifts are not obligatory, but are of course adored. Seedlip, liongerie, vouchers (Liberty, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Gucci, Balenciaga) I'm currently constructing a new 'gifts' page, so watch this space for Bifthday gift ideas.


And a Little About Me


  • I approach intimacy with something I feel is integral to any encounter with a lover: honesty. I want you to feel comfortable in my company to express your needs, desires and pleasures, without fear of judgement. If anything at any time is not enjoyed, I welcome feedback. Likewise, if anything is especially enjoyed I welcome feedback - discovering new pleasures with you is something I feel completely honoured to be a part of.

  • As such, I am also honest in my own experiences - please do not be offended if I, at any point, give a little guidance on what feels good for me! I want you to learn my body in an authentic way, rather than sex being entirely something performative.

  • I don't fake orgasm. I may climax once, I may climax 10 times. While I am blessed with a far more orgasmic nature than some women, the female body is also inexplicably complicated, and I find that sexual encounters grow over time as the connection between lovers does. I also do not expect you to climax even once (we really do need to shed this notion that sex is all about the orgasm and nothing before or after) but also welcome you to climax... well, 10 times may be a stretch. Maybe it is better being a woman...

  • I quite clearly have a large number of tattoos. I generally dress conservatively for social dates, but please do let me know if any attention is required to ensure they are more covered.

  • I become rather sensitive after prolonged cunnilingus (it produces the most intense orgasms, I find!)

  • I don't drink alcohol, but I don't mind if you do. We all have our vices, and just because alcohol isn't one of mine, doesn't mean I don't hold my own...

  • I adore a foot rub