This page has been shared with you in confidence. Now that we can look forward to some time together, I feel that it’s essential to fill you in on a little more about both me and about our date.


If you are new to the world of professional companions this information will be especially useful to you. If you are well versed in our world, this list will probably be just what you're used to, but do have a scan, just in case:

* Be you! I can't stress enough how important it is to just take a breath and relax, if you're nervous before a first date. Remember that I get pre-date nerves too, and that it’s entirely human to get the jitters. I'll only be biting you if you've asked me to.

* While I'm partial to designer-wear, there is no need whatsoever for you to be dressed to the nines. If you smell great, look after your nails and wear a smile, you've already discovered one of my greatest turn ons.

* My assistant, Elizabeth, will handle most correspondence before we meet. Especially in the case of emails, logistics and with new dates. Elizabeth is incredibly efficient and attentive to detail, and all I ask is that you respect her just as much as you respect me. Beyond her sheer dedication to ensuring our date is arranged smoothly, I would contest that she is the most steadfast holder of secrets I’ve ever known, taking our privacy seriously to an unwavering degree. I’m incredibly lucky to have her on my team and I’ve no doubt that you’ll see why I feel this way by the time we meet.

* Unless specified otherwise, do have any remaining or due donation ready in an envelope, left in obvious sight, with my name on it. If we are meeting in public, a small gift in a bag is an easy way of being discreet. To avoid any awkwardness this should be handled within the first 10 minutes of us meeting.

* Gifts are not obligatory, but are of course adored. Do refer to my gifts and ideas page for inspiration!

* While I will often plan my day around our date and as such possibly have plans for after our date, I’m always open to extending our date, should it go even better than we could have anticipated. Elizabeth will fill you in on the logistics of this when you get in touch. I deally we would have scheduled enough time in advance, please do keep in mind that should my schedule permit, we can always extend our time together.

*I am entirely sex positive, but I also demand respect for all the other parts of me that exist. Yes, I’m a sensual being, but I am so much more than that. Partners who understand this are the partners I’m interested in. I will not tolerate any attempts to reduce me to only an object, no matter how cute/funny/successful you are. I want to meet people who see me as their equal and who respect me just as I respect them.

And a Little About Me

* I approach intimacy with something I feel is integral to any encounter with a lover: honesty. I want you to feel comfortable in my company to express your needs, desires and pleasures, without fear of judgement. If anything at any time is not enjoyed, I welcome feedback. Likewise, if anything is especially enjoyed I welcome feedback - discovering new pleasures with you is something I feel completely honoured to be a part of.

* As such, I am also honest in my own experiences - please do not be offended if I, at any point, give a little guidance on what feels good for me! I want you to learn my body in an authentic way, rather than sex being entirely something performative.

* I am completely comfortable with PDA, within respectful boundaries. The way I see it, PDA is entirely down to you to instigate. Beyond that, I encourage our social interactions to be informed by class. Feel free to hold my hand, to brush my hair behind my ear as we talk. A kiss is never out of the question, but I do recommend using discretion when approaching public displays of affection. We might not want to keep our hands off each other, but restraining ourselves is incredibly sexy. I told you, I’m traditional…

* I don't fake orgasm. While I am blessed with a far more orgasmic nature than some women, the female body is also inexplicably complicated, and I find that sexual encounters grow over time as the connection between lovers does. I also do not expect you to climax even once (I firmly believe that as a society, we need to shed the notion that sex is all about the orgasm and nothing before or after) but also welcome you to and would adore for you to climax, should circumstance allow for it… 

* I can become rather sensitive after prolonged cunnilingus (it produces the most intense orgasms, I find!) If I offer some gentle guidance in order to circumnavigate the overstimulation, just know that it’s about me, not you. 

* I adore most ‘types’ of sex - from good old fashioned love making, to higher octane fucking. For me, the best type of sex is the type of sex that builds from the connection between you and I. This could mean a blend of the soft and the firm, it could mean the most tender connection or something faster, more furious.

* I prefer to discuss our kinks over the phone, but am the truest switch. Elizabeth may be worldly in her life experience, but should you wish to email me regarding more private matters involving kinks, power dynamics and scenes, my personal email is Just title the email for my attention, and Elizabeth shall be sure to afford it total privacy.

* I tend to dress smart-casual - for a good idea of what I wear, you can refer to my photo gallery. To a typical lunch date, think a form-fitting pencil skirt or silk pants, a light blouse, a casual jacket and some kitten heels. My wardrobe is typically high end and ranges from dog-walking sweats, to cocktail dresses and tailored suits. Styling is a real passion of mine, so should you have any preference based on our dining location or activity please do give a heads up!

* I adore a good foot rub…

* I’ve a life long commitment to being the little spoon, always