Without the limitations of inhibition, PSE dates are where we can face our deepest desires and indulge in them free of fear or shame.

While the intimacy and connection of classic GFE dates will still be there (it’s the core of how I am with lovers), PSE dates are where we get to the real nitty-gritty of pleasure. So much is on the cards - the dirtiest talk, rough play, role-play, porn reenactments, anal play, OWO, deep throating, water sports, orgies: all in all, a high octane, exuberant burst of energy that will lead us through the night (or day, or both).

Please don’t worry that dinner and drinks are off the cards for a PSE date either, just because our antics in the bedroom might be a little debauched doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bite to eat or flirtation over some cocktails beforehand.

I like to think of PSE dates as the real-persons pornography, without the same sort of mechanical orchestrating that goes into a porn scene - rather, with the real human touch that comes with no-holds-barred sexual desire.


While all of this is considerably filthy, I do also enjoy partaking in some of the even more decadent activities that I save specifically for a PSE+ date. During PSE+ dates you could expect slapping, consensual non consent, hardsports, CIM, COF and a-levels in addition to the aforementioned activities. I see PSE+ dates as the ultimate in meeting of nymphomaniacal minds, something that should leave us both bathing in abandon and catharsis. As with any responsible companion, I base all of my interactions on consent, communication, and the building of trust between us. Having a little think about any potential limits and safe words before we meet is something I strongly advise. In addition to this, a chat over the phone during which we can run through how you’d like our date to go, your likes and dislikes and what’s on your sexual bucket list is one of the best ways to get acquainted.

And of course, let me know of any of your favourite spots to enjoy a show and some dinner together - or, if you’re new in town, I’ll make sure you experience some of the essential London spots. Nothing is as hot as sitting in a room full of people, knowing exactly what we’re about to get up to, while they’re all none the wiser. Our secret unspoken between us over wine, just waiting to be explored the second we’re alone.