“Jessa is a true beauty - I was completely enthralled by her in person! I knew she was beautiful from her photos, but I wish I could express just how enthralling she was in person. My only complaint is that we live in different cities. A profoundly unfair situation.”

“Just so easy to travel with. Jessa is the perfect combination of glamorous and down to earth. Time’s yet to become mundane with her.”

“The next time can never come soon enough!”

“Strength and vulnerability, all in one. The complexities of Jessa’s mind continue to have me enraptured! It still surprises me that we never run out of things to say, from vintage cars to world history to niche cinema to politics - our conversations reflect both her education and lived experience. A combination I couldn’t have wished more for.”

“Eyes are the window to the soul, it has been said. In Jessa’s case I’ve never known this sentiment to be more true.”