The turn of a new year is a time which, for most of us, inspires some degree of reflection. For me, it tends to revolve around the achievements and areas for growth of the year just gone, and the hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

This year has so far been relatively quiet for me online.

With the new year approaching, back in December it became so clear to me that I had new goals and a new vision for my online world. I had just begun working with my wonderful assistant Elizabeth: the process of admin became suddenly so much lighter, and I had all this psychological room to devote to making the changes I knew I needed. And so began a very early spring clean of everything.

You are reading this blog on my all-new website, illustrated with all-new images, probably linked from my all-new social media. While of course, the break from social media has been cleansing, I’ve missed seeing the ins and outs of my friends and colleagues everyday lives. I may have also missed the endless stream of incredible selfies. Just maybe.

All this external change arose from feeling that over the course of my life as Jessa, I have bloomed into a woman who knows herself better than ever. I’ve learnt so much and it was only right that what you see of me reflects that.

So. As a toast to being our very best selves always, here’s a few sentiments and notions that I have been carrying in 2019 with me:

  • Saying yes more. I started this last year and can attest: saying yes to things that scare me has resulted in a strong awareness of my own capabilities. Who knew!

  • Saying no when it’s right. Trusting my gut on when I need a break is crucial. Do I need a day in which I pretend emails don’t exist, rather, only my dog and a boxset do? Absolutely. Giving myself a break is all part of the balancing act of life.

  • Holidaying with friends. I spent a month away with Valerie August, Louisa Knight, Arabella Raphael and a few other friends. There was sun, sea, sleep and adventure. We took photos that may very well just break the internet. I’m so lucky to travel so frequently with dates, that I often forget how important it is to just reconnect with my friends, without the distractions of busy city life. And it was so incredibly worth it.

  • Leaning into the intimacy of experiences with my lovers. Whether it’s those deep and meaningful conversations or kinkier pastimes, this year I’m committing to letting myself go more fully in these moments. After all, vulnerability is true strength.

  • Dancing more. I started seeing a personal trainer a few months ago and the change in how I feel has been astronomical! From barely being able to hold my own body weight to easily holding head stands in just a few months, I guess this is another example of realising my true potential. It’s quite amazing what the human body can both withstand and do. So my next adventure? Dancing. I grew up dancing, and I’ve decided I’m going to relight that flame.

So that’s just a soundbite - I’d love to know some of your aspirations or ideals that you’ve been moving forward with this year! What have you changed, what unexpected lessons have you learnt? Drop me an @ on twitter and let me know, or save it ’til we meet. And until then, I’ll be working on my plié.

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